Customer Testimonials

Thank You Letter

I am writing to thank you for your excellent service over the past two years. I found Sunrise Limousines by chance after I almost missed an international flight when another car service failed to show up for a reservation that I made. Since your first time picking me up you have been prompt (early!), efficient, and kind to me and my family. Having used your service at least 25 times over the last two years, this says a lot about your attention to detail, dedication to your clients and your business, and your commitment to providing top-notch, affordable services. As I prepare to move away from the DC area, I can only hope to find a car service as dependable as Sunrise Limousine in my new locale. I wish you the best in the future.
Best Regards,
Christopher K., Silver Spring, MD
August ’09

Hey Kumar –
Do you ever sleep? We’ve used your services about 5 times now
and you’ve got us for life! Your website reservations procedure is awesome
and very convenient; you are always prompt when returning calls and prompt
ESPECIALLY for pick-ups! It’s amazing! Your car is spacious, clean and
comfortable. It’s reassuring to know that the beginning and end of our
trips will always be hassle free. Thank you very much!
Kathleen B.
Executive Assistant
International College of Dentists
June ’07

Thank you very much for being such a loyal, dependable driver these past 7 months that I have been in the Washington, D.C. area. Your service was simply outstanding. I know there were many times when due to flight delays or cancellations you really had to re-arrange your schedule and pick me up/drop me off at ridiculous hours like 3 in the morning back in February. But you did all this with a cheerful smile, and without the slightest decrease in customer service. A lesser driver would not have been so caring and understanding. I highly recommend you to anyone traveling to the Washington DC or Baltimore area. You truly set the standard for other cab and ground transportation companies.
-Karthik N.
April ’07

Dear Kumar:
Thanks so much for the service you provided. I really appreciate the kind
service you provided my wife and I for our honeymoon. We will definitely
use your services again the next time we need.
Jan. ’07

Thank you Kumar. It was excellent service. I will highly recommend you to anyone that needs transportation.
Donna R.
Jul. ’06

It’s Dorf. And thanks again. I’m sure I’ll be calling you again for service.
Jul. ’06